Monday, 12 December 2011


Four men sat in a bar, and whiles conversing, the subject of women came up. Most interestingly; the subject of women with pubic hairs on their genitals was the talk of the night. One man was of the opinion that; he preferred no hair at all because the female body was beautiful, another was of the opinion that not all women look good without pubic hair, but liked it trimmed so you can sort of see through.

Now the big question to women out there would be, do you like to shave or trim the hair on your genital? In our part of our world, that is Africa, the subject of sex or looking sexually attractive as a woman is not discussed and you will find many women shunning away from topics of these sort. But these subject matters are the main reason for many infidelities in relationships.
The unspoken words about infidelity, will be a full topic for another day, but for now, let’s keep talking about pubic hairs on women genitals.
Many women are incorporating the removal of hair in the genital area into their personal beauty and grooming regimen. The trend is growing in popularity, especially among younger women, who are more likely to feel that men prefer a "manicured" look.
In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by the a Women’s Health Center, approximately one fourth of women aged 18 and older say they closely trim their pubic hair with scissors or clippers, and almost a third of women (32 per cent) say they shave either part or all of their pubic hair off (23 per cent "part"; 9 per cent "all").

Some women dislike the discomfort associated with re-growth, or struggle with ingrown hairs so they decide to leave it all natural.

So the question Nana Aba is asking you is, whether you like it shaved or completely hairy. For the men I have an idea for the women let’s get talking…….
I'm certain there will be people who say that a hairless vulva means you're longing to be a preteen - that's just preposterous. If you're comfortable with a close shave and you enjoy the feeling, that's great!

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  1. Gd wrk done Nana Aba, its tym for us to talk abt such issues...... personal hygiene is important in every1's lyf, so ladies pls kip it clean n fresh.